Our aim is simple – to provide WordPress themes and email templates that are as easy on the eye as they are beautifully crafted. You aren’t willing to compromise on quality and neither are we.

Precoded WordPress themes

Use the comprehensive options screen to customise aspects such as typeface and colour, to determine exactly what elements you want displayed on each page, or enter your Google Analytics tracking code — all without requiring any technical skill.

WordPress already makes it very simple to create pages and enter content, but we take it one step further with the Precoded gallery editor, which makes it a breeze to create sets of images for your project pages or blog posts — simply drag image files into the browser edit screen and let the theme take care of the rest.

Your finished website will look great across a wide range of devices, from iPhone and iPad, to 27″ iMacs thanks to the use of responsive web design techniques.

If you experience any problems you won’t be alone. We’ll do our best to help resolve any issues via our dedicated support website, with an ever-growing knowledge base and ticket-based help system.

Precoded MailChimp & Campaign Monitor email templates (coming soon)

Once your website is up and running you can use the matching email template to keep in touch with your customers and clients.

Each template is supplied ready to plug straight into your MailChimp or Campaign Monitor campaign, with variations possible via the editor included with these systems.

Just like our WordPress themes, our email templates use responsive web design techniques to make sure they look great on your iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac, and, of course, we thoroughly test each template to ensure it’ll work well in a wide variety of email client software, from Outlook and Apple Mail, to GMail and Hotmail.

Mike and David

As a two-man studio, we’re able to concentrate on making each theme just the way we want it. We like to think being small means less compromise and better quality, as well as a degree of personal service that’s rare these days – when you contact Precoded you’ll be dealing directly with the person who designed or built your theme.

Between us we have more than 25 years’ experience designing and building websites. In our various incarnations, we’ve each worked on a huge range of projects with a tonne of clients, from multi-national corporations and household names, such as BBC, Standard Life and Louis Vuitton, to one-person charities and tiny businesses. Our work has won awards, we’ve created websites, intranets, blogs, podcast sites and banner adverts, and now we’re applying that experience and expertise to WordPress sites.